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Prime Minister has approved the list of Project “Promotion of use and operation of energy-efficient industrial boilers in Vietnam”, granted an aid given gratis by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) from aid sources of Global Environmnent Facility (GEF).


The Project aims to reduce energy consumption and decrease emmissions of greenhouse gas through promotion of use and operation of energy-efficient industrial boilers.

The Project also contributes to the advancement in awareness and disseminates information on energy-efficient boilers to consumers (industrial companies), expert consultants, energy service companies and suppliers/manufacturers of boilers.

In addition, the Project increases technical capacity for State agencies, industrial companies, and suppliers/manufactuers of boilers, energy consultant companies and financial institutions/banks; offers more improved access to financial resources and encourages to boost finance for projects of investment in production and operation of energy-efficient boilers; increases the number of industrial companies using enery-efficient boilers.

Total capital of the Project is $12,053,000, in which the aid given gratis of the Officeial Development Assistance (ODA) $1,831,000; reciprocal capital in cash of Ministry of Industry and Trade is $21,200; co-funded capital is $10,200,800. The Project will be implemented in 4 years. Ministry of Industry and Trade is the administration of the Project.

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