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On October 29, 2015, Hanoi inaugurated the Research Center of technology transfer and technology accreditation in Hoa Lac hi-tech zone with the complete production line of solar cells, the biggest facility of the country.


The Research Center of Technology Transfer and Technology Accreditation of Hanoi, occupying 2.1 hectares, is a complex of science and technology which is the largest of the country. This will be a place for research, trial production, technology transfer and manufacture of high-tech products. Technology accreditation is also an important task that the center will be in charge of in the future.

The Centre is designed to accommodate 200 scientists in a comfortable working place. Initially, the center has put into operation the fabrication section, the design section, the test zone and the production areas of energy saving products, and agricultural machinery section. The heart of the center is the research section, where designers and dozens of scientists, engineers do their job in drawing up the electronic circuits.


The designed electronic circuit drawings are then transferred to the test zone. Here, the engineers work with the mechanical system for trial manufacture of circuits for testing.

In an observation visit, having explored the design section and manufacturing section, the Minister of Science and Technology Mr. Nguyen Quan made an assessment that the investment was put into synchronous technology, the basis for economic development not only for the country capital but also for Vietnam. “Science and technology are regarded as levers of socio-economic development of the country in the process of world-wide integration. Science and technology should represent themselves as the highly applicable works and products in the production, to improve the quality and productivity of enterprises, and science and technology related institutions”, the Minister said.

Not just a place for doing research and design, the Center is also a place to manufacture electronic products of technology, automation and modern mechanics. The highlighted importance is the production line, with adequate investment into sync solar system, modern machinery imported from industrialized countries with electronics – automation development.


The solar cell panels are prepared for the production line which follows the blue prints of engineers of the center.

Automata affix the solar cells to the mold. Nearly all the processes of solar panel production are performed automatically by machines, so there are only roughly 10 engineers working in the factory. Their performance is mainly to do with manipulation of the modern automatic machines; the remaining part is to check the connections and segments.

The first solar panels manufactured by the factory are installed right in the center. The system of solar batteries have now supplied one fifth of the electricity needs of the entire center. To realize the Vietnam energy planning by 2030, the Center is expected to boost its production of solar energy and to get mixed in national grid in 2020.

In addition to the production line of solar cells, the center also has a LED chip production workshop – the second production line with high leveled technology, modernization, catching up with the conventional trends. This production line is also invested with completeness, having high precision, modern automatic machines. Operating both production lines with the largest capacity of in Southeast Asia, there is a team of 10 engineers only. These are highly qualified people who can operate modern machinery.

Robot arms are operating on the production line of LED chips. LED technology is the state-of-the-art trend of the world thanks to its economical consumption of energy, its long life and the diverse preferable types of lights. The application of LED is very widely spreading, from urban lighting to family lighting, and its application in agriculture, and health care services.

The LED chip finished products from the production line of the center. These chips could enable a variety of light for each application’s specific needs. This is the most important components to create LED lighting bulb family, led street lights, and LED decorative lights.

LED bulbs manufactured by the factory are under test. With the complete and modern set of research equipment and production machines, the center is expected to be the hub of scientists from universities, research institutes and key laboratories in the capital, and a place to link the studies of overseas Vietnamese and international professionals, and scientists.

For appreciation of the role of the center, the Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee, Mr. Nguyen The Thao believes that the Center not only helps the scientist team of Hanoi update their knowledge with modern equipment for studies, but also opens up access opportunities for scientists from the other academic Institutes in Hanoi, which account for 70% of scientific community in the country. The products of the center are earmarked for socio-economic development of the capital and other provinces in the Red River Delta.

Trong Tan –